Gates Information



Our team here at ABC Door has extensive experience designing, building, and installing gates for both residential and commercial use. Whether its for an attractive entrance to your property or security control of access we can help you with a gate solution that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to helping you select the gate to meet your requirements, we can offer you a variety of tools to increase the functionality of your gate, whether commercial or residential. Some of these are:

A single transmitter can be programmed to open both your gate and your garage door.

Infrared Eyes:
This senses an obstruction and is an excellent safety feature for the young family with small children.

Exit Loops or Wands:
A loop is cut across the drive and wands are buried on the sides of a drive. Both sense the approach of a vehicle and trigger the automatic gate to open so that someone can leave. These are perfect for someone with a long drive too far for a transmitter signal to reach to allow guests to leave. It also adds convenience for the homeowner as well.

Safety Loops:
This is the follow through safety at apartment complexes. It triggers the automatic gate to reopen if it senses another car trying to follow through the gate. These features help keep lawsuits to a minimum.

Shadow Loops:
This stops the automatic gate from closing if it senses something between the gateposts – such as a long bed trailer. This is a great feature if the automatic gate is close to a main road, but is not needed if you have an infrared eye installed.

Knox Boxes – K2 Switches – Strobe Sensors:
These are required for commercial and neighborhood automatic gates. These allow fire departments entrance in case of an emergency.

Allow automatic gates to open at a scheduled time and close at a scheduled time without the assistance of transmitter or other devices. This is great for places of business.

Automatic Gate Entry Systems:
These systems have a range of bells and whistles. We have entry systems that:

  •     Search for a name
  •     Cell phone gate access
  •     Camera surveillance in black & white or color
  •     Works as a toll tag system
  •     Full computer access
  •     Logs entry/exit times for security purposes

Automatic Gate Operators are as important – if not more important – than the construction of the gate itself. We can install your choice of electric or solar powered automatic gate operators. The selection of these would depend on the weight of your gate and the location of where it’s going.

No matter what style gate you're considering, let the design team at ABC Door help you.