Accordion Doors & Movable Walls

Accordion partitions are ideal for lighter duty settings where a heavier movable wall is unnecessary. Custom-built wood grain or fabric-covered partitions attractively separate large areas into smaller, usable rooms. Or, conserve energy by isolating areas for heating and cooling.

How they work – Accordion partitions glide easily on an aluminum track and fold neatly out of the way when not in use. Latches at one end or both ends allow for access flexibility.


  • Choose from a variety of natural hardwood veneers, vinyl laminates and fabrics to meet your installation needs
  • Curved tracks, locks and multiple meeting posts further expand the design possibilities of these folding partitions
  • Add corporate logos, decorative murals or glass inserts to customize their appearance

Whether you need to divide a multi-purpose room or soundproof a conference area, movable walls are the answer. Movable walls are a series of individually operated panels along a track system designed for maximum space planning flexibility. They can be arranged quickly, easily and efficiently.


  • Available in individual panels, hinged pairs or continuous hinged units, our movable walls are manufactured with heavy-duty steel frames that can be finished with a variety of fabrics, vinyls and acoustical materials
  • The panels operate manually or can be motorized
  • When not in use, the panels can be stored in an optional wall pocket
  • A full complement of accessories can be used to customize your movable wall system, including pass-through doors, whiteboard and chalk writing surfaces and panel windows