Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Give Estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates for the installation of a new garage door or opener.

How Soon Can You Get Here?

Call us in the morning and we can usually be there the same day. If you have an emergency, call at any hour because we offer 24-hour service. (call 505-884- 1166)

What Are Your Business Hours?

We are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How often does my garage door spring need to be replaced?

Garage door torsion springs are rated by cycle life, with 10,000 cycles ( a cycle being one opening and one closing action) the industry standard minimum. Upgrades are available to around 100,000 cycles. The average spring breaks about every 7 to 12 years. If a garage door has two or more springs and one breaks, all springs should be replaced to maintain proper balance.

Garage Door Safety (from the International Door Association)

  • Do not let children (or adults) play "beat the door". It is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death.
    Adults should set a good example. Know how to use the emergency release, in case someone is pinned by the door.
  • Do not let children play with or use the transmitters or remote controls. Always place and store them out of the reach of children.
  • The push button wall control should be out of the reach of children (at least 5 feet from the floor) and away from
    all moving parts. Mount and use the button where you can clearly see the moving garage door.

Why should I use a professional installing dealer?

home-improvement-financingAt ABC Door we believe that the installation of a garage door and a garage door opener is not a do-it- yourself job. A garage door is frequently the largest moving object in your home, and for most families today it is the main entrance and exit for the home.

With potentially dangerous counter-balance systems and a large number of moving parts the installation can be very technical. Connecting springs is a dangerous business for those who have the wrong tools or little experience. Furthermore, a professional installing dealer can be very helpful with potential warranty claims as he has intimate knowledge of the product and generally a strong relationship with the manufacturer this can be very helpful to a homeowner in the long run. Also, we dispose of your old door for you!

Garage door openers are also potentially troublesome for the do-it- yourself homeowner. An incorrect install can severely damage your door and cause problems in the future. When one of our licensed and bonded technicians comes to install your opener, he will also service and adjust your garage door. Without a properly balanced door that is working well, the life of your door opener can also be severely diminished.

How do I maintain my garage door? Can I paint a steel door? If so, with what type of paint? What about maintenance on a wood door?

Yes, you can paint any steel door or order one pre-painted from the factory. You can also get doors powder coated from the factory with over 100 color choices. If you do choose to paint you must follow the factory instructions to maintain your warranty. Check with us to make sure you know what the manufacturer of your particular door requires. Wood doors should be sealed, stained and painted immediately. You should re-seal them annually or bi-annually in order to keep the doors in good condition and looking new.

Are there garage door openers that work with my smartphone?

Yes! ABC Door offers some of the most advanced systems available through Lifemaster Garage Door Openers. With MyQ® Technology, you can monitor and control your garage door opener and home lighting from anywhere when paired with the Internet Gateway. You can also receive email or text alert so you always know the status of your garage door and home lighting. Call or stop by for more details.

Will you dispose of my old garage door if I replace it with a new one?

Yes, we will be happy to take down and haul away the old door with the installation of a new door. We also recycle all of the steel doors we remove.

Can you replace a one-piece door with a new sectional door?

Yes, that is a common upgrade for many homes. Occasionally we'll need to re-frame the interior because of the way the hardware fits and the way the door operates. When we analyze your door and prepare an estimate we'll let you know if this is going to be necessary. The new sectional door will seal and weather-strip much better than the old door did.

What about custom size garage doors?

We can create custom sizes to fit your design. Most manufacturers work with in 6” or 3” increments for width and height, so it is fairly easy to create a "semi-custom" or fully custom door. We also have some excellent design software that enables us to work with you and your architect to see how a custom door will look after installing.

My garage has very little room above the door. Will a sectional door fit?

Yes, here again some customization might be required. The standard space requirement for a lift door is 12” to 16".  It is possible to install a door in as little as 4 1/2” of headroom if necessary.  This requires special track and hardware, but it is possible.

How often should I service my door and opener?

Garage doors should usually be serviced annually. The garage door openers should be tested monthly. Proper service of your door and opener will assure a long-term smooth operation of the largest moving object in your home.

How do I program my remote? How do I program my keypad?

The various brands of remotes and keypads are different. If you have misplaced the instructions that came with your opener, most of the manufacturers have instructions available on their websites that you can print out. If you can't find them, give us a call and we'll try to help.

My garage isn’t insulated so why should I pay for an insulated garage door?

A garage door opening is a very large hole in your garage. Insulated doors will help to reduce the amount of outside air, hot or cold, that enter your garage. Here are some other thoughts on this subject:

  • If your garage is attached to your home, any air can travel through a doorway from the garage into your living area.
  • If you do any work in the garage comfort is a top priority.
  • Many insulated garage doors are built with heavier duty construction, often with a steel back that creates a cleaner look on
    the interior of the garage as well as reduces the air flow from around a door. This back will also minimize the chance of dents and damage from kids bikes and balls.

Can I add windows to my existing garage door?

Yes, please call us for more information. We can calculate a price for you.

Can my non-insulated garage door be insulated?

Yes, there are after market insulation kits available for every brand of door.

Can I replace a section of my door, or do I need to replace the whole door?

Yes, each section can be replaced. Additionally, sections can sometimes be repaired.

How do I figure out the correct number of cycles for torsion springs?

The higher the number of cycles the better, to make the torsion spring last a lot longer.

How much horsepower does the motor need?

The more the horsepower, the easier it is for the motor to open the door, making it last longer. One question to think about is how frequently is your garage door opened each week?

How do I know if the door is well balanced?

You should be able to disconnect your door from the motor and lift it easily with one hand.

How much does a new garage door opener cost?

Each installation is different and varies based on size, style, operation and more. We’d be happy to discuss your needs by phone to give you a better idea of what you should expect. You can reach us at 505-884-1166.

Do you have financing available for a new garage door?

Yes, we have a variety of financing programs that you can consider.