Garage Door Safety Club

Were you aware that every year in the United States there are more than 30,000 injuries that are caused by accidents with garage doors? What makes this number particularly troubling is that many of these injuries involve children. While only a small number of these accidents result in death, many more lead to traumatic brain injuries and sometimes permanent disabilities for these children.

In 1993, the Consumer Product Safety Commission required all automatic garage door systems manufactured after 1993 to have a built in safety reversing or automatic shut off system. However, according to statistics compiled by that agency in the years since, fully 40% of these safety systems failed to work properly, and the garage doors that failed to reverse came down with enough pressure to crush a small child.



The simple answer is routine maintenance. By implementing an ongoing maintenance schedule you can ensure that your garage door is functioning as it should, and that the important reverse mechanisms are operating correctly.

To help you with this ABC offers our Garage Door Safety Club. Each year we come to your home and do a 7 point inspection of your garage door and electric operator. This is an inspection that is focused on the safe operation of the door, and includes:

  • Inspection of the rollers, safety cables, and hinges of the door itself
  • Check the balance of the door
  • Test the infrared sensor for proper placement and function
  • Verify the door reversing mechanism is working properly
  • Verify the emergency release works properly

If we find issues that would require a more thorough servicing of the door, then we credit the full cost of your membership for the year towards that service call. If your door is functioning properly and safely, then you have the peace of mind knowing that your family is protected.

Membership in the Garage Door Safety Club is just $79 a year. When you join we'll call and schedule an annual inspection at your convenience. Then one of our licensed and bonded technicians will verify that your door and opener are working correctly and give you a written report of his findings.

Call us at 505-884- 1166 and ask about enrolling in the Garage Door Safety Club. At just $79, it is a small price to pay for your families safety.