Lifestyle Screen

A trend that we are seeing is more and more frequently is homeowners looking to their garages to find additional living space. The Lifestyle Garage Screen System enables you to do just that!

Lifestyle is a fully retractable, spring loaded system that works in conjunction with your existing garage door. Transforming your garage into an airy, pest-free space is a snap and just takes seconds. The design is sturdy enough to take a lot of wear, but lightweight enough that it is easily raised and lowered.

Some of the ways we've seen homeowners utilize the Lifestyle Screen include:

  • Man Cave
  • Hobby work room
  • Kids play area
  • Workout space
  • Party room
  • Smoking den

The Lifestyle Screen doesn't replace your garage door, it runs on its own track and is designed to "open up" your garage and turn it into living space. When you are done just raise the Lifestyle Screen and lower your garage door. This is an economical way to increase the active space in your home. Our install crews can have your Lifestyle Screen operating in a couple of hours.

Give us a call today at 505-884- 1166 to get an demonstration of the Lifestyle Screen in your home.