Having a smooth functioning, well-maintained garage door is an essential aspect of protecting your family and your home. The personal security of your property is dependent upon having a garage entrance that is efficient and safe without fail.



Manual and automatic garage doors are surprisingly complex machines with many moving components that work together to enable an effortless opening, closing, and secure garage entrance.

ABC Door has dedicated, full time service technicians that are experts at repairing every style of residential and commercial door in the marketplace. We can also repair and maintain your dock equipment, whether you purchased it from is or not. We stock our trucks with the most common parts that will be needed to repair your door on the first visit. When it is necessary to order parts, we will make sure your door is secure and functioning, when possible, until the needed parts are received.



1. Externally-caused damage (accidents, vandalism, storms)
that prevents correct operation of the door or breaches security
must be addressed ASAP.

Call ABC Door at 505-884-1166 right away! Describe the damage clearly so we can respond quickly and appropriately. Our emergency repair service is available 24/7.

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2. The door sticks or seems to hang up during opening and closing. This is one of those problems that can be prevented or minimized by regular garage door maintenance.

Garage door manufacturers recommend all moving parts of your garage door should be maintained at a minimum of every three years. Regular maintenance will greatly reduce the likelihood of blockages and other mechanical hang-ups.

3. The door won’t open or close. If the garage door does not close all the way, this can present a security risk as well as drain your home’s energy if it is heated or air-conditioned when your garage directly accesses your home. If you have an automatic garage door opener, the first thing to do is something that you can do for yourself:

-Check the switches and sensors
-Make sure the batteries in your remote are not dead

If the garage door does not stay open, this can lead to very dangerous situations. A heavy door slamming down on a person (especially a small child) or pet can cause serious injury or death. Also, a door dropping unexpectedly can cause major damage to any vehicle or equipment that happens to be in the way. This can be caused by worn-out springs or broken cables. Regular maintenance will help prevent the mechanisms from getting to the point of failure. These problems require professional attention. Do not open or close the door again until your service person advises you to do so.

4. The door is making loud grinding noises, metal-on-metal screeching, or squealing noises while opening or closing. This is an indication that the door needs maintenance. Routine professional maintenance is the best way to avoid this annoying problem.




Often you can remedy excessive noise by simply lubricating the moving parts of the door and opener. You may use any high-quality silicone-based lubricants made specifically for garage door openers. As you lubricate moving parts, take the time to check all nuts and bolts to make sure they are tight and secure.


ABC Door - The best garage doors in Albuquerque


Please note:Do not use WD-40 or similar formulas. While such formulas will quiet friction-based noise, they also tend to drip and attract dirt that will gum up moving parts. This could mean costly repairs for your car’s finish or other property in your garage.


When should I call a professional?

You will need to call a professional garage door repair service if you are unable to do your own inspection and lubrication. More importantly, if you have parts that are worn or damages, you’re well-advised to call an expert to replace them correctly.

If your garage door opener was installed before 1993, and is beginning to show signs of malfunction, you should seriously consider replacing it. Modern garage door openers run more quietly than older models and are built with higher construction specifications and standards.



1. Get familiar with the emergency release. Just as you would regularly check smoke alarm batteries and brush up on other emergency plans with your family, you would want to make sure that all household adults or responsible children know where the door’s emergency release is and how to operate it. Your ABC Door installer or service person can demonstrate use of the emergency release, and your user’s manual should also provide instruction. Taking time to do this can help immeasurably in an emergency when a person or pet is caught in any part of the door.

2. Make sure that the key pad mounted on your garage is placed high enough that small children can’t reach it. Don’t let children play with your garage door remote control. In addition, take the time to show your children any places on the door where fingers could be pinched. Finger damage and even amputation are the most common garage door injuries for adults as well as children. Take particular care if your door is a style with segmented panels.

3. Do not stop your door’s motion when it is part-way open and leave it that position. When the door is activated again, the door may slam down on anything or anyone under it. All garage door openers made since 1993 should be equipped with an automatic emergency reverse feature that activates if the door encounters an object in the pathway as it closes. Once a month, check to make sure your emergency reverse is operational by placing an object such as an empty cardboard box or pillow on the floor and closing the door on it. When the door touches the object, it should immediately reverse and open again. If it does not operate correctly, call ABC Door promptly! If your door was made before this feature was mandatory, please seriously consider replacing it with a much safer modern model.



What you can do to make your automatic garage door more secure:

In today’s busy work, electric-operated garage doors are so commonplace that most of us think of them as a basic modern convenience. These up-to-date devices certainly do make out daily life more comfortable and convenient, but they also provide a much higher level of security against intruders than old-fashioned manual doors. Clearly, protecting home and property is a high priority for everyone, and there are measure that you can take to make your garage door even more secure.

Here are three things you can do to help ensure this essential security:

1. Never leave your garage door remote in your vehicle when you leave the vehicle. If someone steals your remote or your car with the remote in it, they now have free access to your home. A keychain remote is ideal in this respect. Just take the extra effort to take your remote with you when you leave your vehicle. Think about it, would you want your valet or parking attendant having access to your home?

2. Many garage door openers operate with a “rolling code” system that changes the code every time they are activated. This prevents criminals from deciphering and using your private code. Check with your manufacturer to see if they use this system. If not, now is the time to switch to a new model that employs more up-to-date security technology.

3. Finally, if you are going to be away from home for days or weeks for a business trip, vacation or any other reason, take time to disconnect your garage door opener by simply unplugging it. This protects against any accidental or deliberate attempts to trigger your code and open the door. You may also consider investing in a vacation lock security switch which is available for many garage door opener models. Either way, you don’t want to leave your garage door vulnerable to crafty would-be intruders.

Over more than 45 years in the industry, we have developed relationships with every manufacturer and supplier. So, even if you have a door installed by another vendor, we have both the know-how and the parts to fix it correctly and quickly.

In fact, most repairs can be scheduled the same day.

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