Service and Repair

garage-door-service-and-repairABC Door has dedicated, full time service  technicians that are experts at repairing every style of residential and commercial door in the market place. We can also repair and maintain your dock equipment, whether you purchased it from us or not. We stock our trucks with the most common parts that will be needed to repair your door on the first visit. When it is necessary to order parts we will make sure your door secure and functioning when possible until the needed parts are received..

Here are some of the more common service needs for both residential and commercial customers:

Broken Springs are typically the reason for many service calls. Every time the door opens and closes the springs go through a tensioning cycle.  Over time the steel in the springs fatigues. Using engineering formulas, we can predict how many cycles a spring will last before it fatigues to the point of braking.  Before 2000, most manufacturers used 10,000-12,000 cycle springs with their new doors.  Since that time, a number of manufacturers are using 7-8,000 cycle springs to try and reduce the overall cost of the product.

A 10,000 cycle spring with the door opening and closing 4 times a day will last about 7 years before braking.  We offer high cycle springs as part of our service.  Our “High Cycle” spring are engineered as 30,000+ cycles, and we can go higher if a customer requires it.  The higher cycle spring will obviously last 3 times as long, eliminate the inconvenience of service calls during the life of the spring, saving money in the long run.  A properly tensioned spring will also balance the door better throughout the entire travel of the door.

Weatherstrip. With the harsh NM Sun, the weatherstrip around the door becomes brittle and discolored.  To get the most value out of an insulated door, it is important to make sure the weatherstripping on the door is intact and flexible. This again is something we always check on a service call.home-improvement-financing

Jumped Cables can occur when a cable jumps off the drum when one side of the door gets hung up/stuck and the other side continues the downward travel.   There are a variety of reasons that can cause this to happen.  A jumped cable can be a very dangerous situation with the door hanging above head level.

For an experienced technician, it is a simple process to get the door back in place and make it safe. then try to figure out what caused the issue and correct it.   On residential operators and newer commercial operators, the reversing systems,(ie: photo eyes, safety edges) are designed to help minimize this condition, but we still see it.

Worn Gears are quite common on older doors.  With door operators moving a 300lbs door up and down daily, the gears will wear out over time.  If the operator is not adjusted properly, a spring on the door will brake and the operator will continue opening and closing the door, making the home owner unaware that the spring is broke.  Replacing gears in operators is a common repair.

Photo eyes are an important safety device, and have been in use with residential operators since the early 1990’s.  If the photo eyes get knocked out of alignment, wires get cut, or they just go bad; the operator will not close with the radio transmitters or with just a push of the wall button.  Most of the operators on the market are designed to have a photo eye override by pressing and holding the wall button until the door is fully closed.  Needless to say this is inconvenient for a home owner.

Commercial operators only started requiring a monitored safety reverse system in 2013.  There are many older doors in use without this safety mechanism that should be regularly inspected.

Over our more than 40 years in the industry, we have developed relationships with every manufacturer and supplier. So even if you have a door installed by another vendor, we have both the know how and the parts to fix it correctly, and quickly.

In fact, most repairs can be scheduled the same day.

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