Stylish and durable, our steel sectional doors can be customized to fit almost any configuration. Steel doors are built for superior performance and are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. We offer a choice of horizontal ribbed, raised panel or flush panel doors.

Features And Advantages

  • Customized track systems – Can be designed to fit special situations, such as high, low or sloped ceilings
  • Heavy-duty steel sections – Rugged hardware and quality openers combine to meet the demands of daily use
  • Energy-saving options – Insulation up to R-17, and header, joint and jam seals prevent air infiltration
  • Baked-on, UV-protected finish – Prevents fading

Rolling Steel Doors

Enjoy space-saving security without a track system with rolling steel doors. The steel curtain stores in a compact coil at the top of the door’s opening, and needs less structural support than a traditional track.

From counter shutters and insulated curtains to soundproof barriers, rolling steel doors are ideal for many situations. A variety of finish options, including more than 200 powder-coated colors and full-color graphic designs, contribute to the visual aesthetics of virtually any building.

Why Rolling Steel Doors?

  • Fire Safety – special fire and smoke control doors can automatically close in the event of a fire
  • Added Security – for storefront security and interior settings, rolling security gates and grilles prevent unauthorized access and discourage forced entry

High Peformance Doors

High Performance Doors are just that, special doors for special applications. Unlike ordinary doors that can cause bottlenecks while workers and materials wait for them to open, High Performance doors can open and close in as little as 2.2 seconds, keeping traffic flowing.

High performance doors are ideal for separating temperature-controlled areas and environmentally clean areas. High Cycle Applications are the perfect fit for High Performance doors.  Whether it is 100 times a day or 10,000 times a day, these doors are made to work and work reliably!

Oversized/large openings are also the ideal application for these special doors.

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OSHA Compliance

Are your overhead doors compliant with OSHA? ABC Door Co can help.

To operate reliably and meet OSHA standards, your overhead doors must be properly maintained and configured with mandated safety devices. ABC Door Co’s SafedoorPM program is the best way to ensure your doors meet OSHA standards.

  • SafedoorPM ensures your doors are properly maintained and configured to the correct standards. PM work plans are benchmarked to manufacturers’ specifications and industry best practices, because these are the standards that matter.
  • SafedoorPM is designed to comply with OSHA regulations, specifically addressing mandated safety devices and accessories, and establishing a groundwork of “due diligence” should there ever be a safety incident.
  • SafedoorPM keeps your PM costs down. SafedoorPM’s mobile app enables technicians to work more productively by giving them all the information they need at their fingertips, convenient ways to input notes and photos, door PM history, and more.
  • You’ll always have detailed PM records, securely stored in the Cloud. SafedoorPM makes record-keeping truly no-hassle, and gives you the critical back-up you need if there is ever an incident.

SafedoorPM Scope of Work

During a SafedoorPM, we will inspect, check, lubricate, tighten, balance, and test your doors, operators and safety accessories. All mechanical and structural elements, settings, and controls will be assessed and graded. We’ll pay special attention to safety devices to ensure your doors are compliantly configured, and that all safety devices are functioning properly.

We’ll provide you with detailed inspection records that clearly identify any corrective work needed to address critical safety hazards or operational problems. Any corrective service work will proceed only with your authorization. Quotations and estimates are provided.

To ensure your doors remain properly cared for, we’ll recommend an ongoing PM schedule, keep track of the PM calendar, and contact you as the next PM interval approaches.

All of your PM records will be securely stored on SafedoorPM’s cloud-based Customer Portal, where you can access them 24/7.

For more information, please contact us at (505) 884-1166.

OSHA/OHS Standards

OSHA requirements for overhead doors fall under Section 5(a)(1) of the Act, the General Duty Clause. There are no specific references to overhead doors in federal legislation, however, there may be in State OSH Plans. Under Section 5(a)(1), OSHA enforcement typically cites the absence of entrapment devices, either photo-eyes or sensing edges, as causing an unacceptable exposure to a “Crushing” or “Struck-by” hazard. There are also citations referencing improperly maintained and/or installed door systems. OSHA abatement often instructs to “hire a professional to install the safety devices and conduct periodic inspections …” .



Hangar doors are as special as the plane you park inside. Vertical bi-fold, tilt up, sliding or some other version, each one is made to order for your application.

At ABC DOOR we have nearly 45 years of experience working with all kinds of door systems. We can help design the door system that is right for you.

Whether you need a new door or service on an existing door system, we can help. We are experts in finding special solutions to special door challenges.

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Loading Dock Equipment

Get more functionality from your loading dock with commercial levelers, seals and shelters. From energy savings to personnel protection, these products will boost your shipping and receiving productivity:

  • Levelers – mechanically or hydraulically operated dock levelers can be installed at the edge of the dock or in a pit. The leveler deck adjusts to varying heights to provide a smooth, safe working bridge between your dock and the truck.
  • Dock Seals – fabric-covered foam pads that mount around the loading dock door. When a truck backs up to the door and compresses the pad, an effective seal forms preventing wind, dust, rain or fumes from entering the loading area.
  • Shelters – serve the same purpose as seals, but are more tunnel-like, with flexible curtains that form a seal around the truck.
  • Vehicle Restraints – Vehicle creep. Unscheduled truck departures. Careless parking. It happens at the best of loading docks. A vehicle restraint will stop these mishaps from happening.


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