In a residential application an accordion door can eliminate door wars in tight areas or help reduce distracting noise from one room to another. They can be an effective and low-cost way to divide a large basement or family room into smaller spaces when needed, hide a galley kitchen, or a closet. A variety of materials and colors are available, and doors  can be finished on one or both sides.

For a business setting or hotel, accordion partitions are ideal for lighter duty settings where a heavier movable wall is unnecessary. Custom-built wood grain or fabric-covered partitions attractively separate large areas into smaller, usable rooms. Or, conserve energy by isolating areas for heating and cooling.

How they work – Accordion partitions glide easily on an aluminum track and fold neatly out of the way when not in use. Latches at one end or both ends allow for access flexibility.


  • Choose from a variety of natural hardwood veneers, vinyl laminates and fabrics to meet your installation needs
  • Curved tracks, locks and multiple meeting posts further expand the design possibilities of these folding partitions
  • Add corporate logos, decorative murals or glass inserts to customize their appearance



The movable is a frequent specification in commercial office, hospitality, churches, hotel and entertainment facilities. A movable wall is a series of individually operated panels that move along a track system. Modern panels are virtually soundproof, and can include wiring for lighting and technology.

Here are 6 Considerations to keep in mind if you’re thinking about a Movable Wall system:

  • Reconfigurability. How often do you plan to reconfigure your space? If you think you’ll be moving walls more than once or twice a year then you should consider a “demountable wall.” For more traditional applications where you want to divide off a larger space into individual rooms a more static Movable Wall system is your best choice.
  • Privacy. How important is visual and acoustic privacy? Visual privacy is achieved by using solid panels, or glass with a patterned film on the glass. Acoustic privacy is going to be dependent on the materials used in the panels. At ABC Door we offer a variety of options to meet both of these considerations.
  • Wall depth. Do you want to run power and data throughout the space? If you answered yes, then you need a minimum of 4” wall thickness.
  • Aesthetic. What are you trying to achieve in your space? Whether you want a largely transparent work space with small private areas, or want to announce your brand with bold colors and graphics, a movable wall system can be designed to meet your desire.
  • Sustainability. If environmental concerns are important to you then a movable wall system will be far more effective that traditional construction. Many wall systems are made of largely recycled materials with limited off-gassing. Plus, they can be recycled at the end of their life.
  • Price. What is the ROI you’re looking for? Of course any wall solution must fit your budget. While a movable wall system might be slightly more expensive than traditional fixed wall construction, they can be cheaper over time as you will save the cost of demolition and rebuild whenever you reconfigure.

At ABC Door we have wall systems to fit most any budget. Let us help you evaluate your needs and design the best system to accomplish your objectives.


Related to movable walls are “demountable walls.” These are designed to be taken down and re-configured as your office environment changes. Need to bring a team together to work on a specific project for a few weeks? Set up their work area with demountable walls and preserve both visual and acoustic privacy. In an office world that has been dominated by open cubicles, demountable wall systems offer an alternative that frequently increases staff engagement. Largely made with recycled materials they can contribute to your LEED Certification.

Ask your ABC Door rep for more information on these innovative solutions to customizing the business environment.

Whether you need to divide a multi-purpose room or soundproof a conference area, movable walls are the answer. Movable walls are a series of individually operated panels along a track system designed for maximum space planning flexibility. They can be arranged quickly, easily and efficiently.


  • Available in individual panels, hinged pairs or continuous hinged units, our movable walls are manufactured with heavy-duty steel frames that can be finished with a variety of fabrics, vinyls and acoustical materials
  • The panels operate manually or can be motorized
  • When not in use, the panels can be stored in an optional wall pocket
  • A full complement of accessories can be used to customize your movable wall system, including pass-through doors, whiteboard and chalk writing surfaces and panel windows

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