Loading Dock Equipment

Get more functionality from your loading dock with commercial levelers, seals and shelters. From energy savings to personnel protection, these products will boost your shipping and receiving productivity:

  • Levelers – mechanically or hydraulically operated dock levelers can be installed at the edge of the dock or in a pit. The leveler deck adjusts to varying heights to provide a smooth, safe working bridge between your dock and the truck.
  • Dock Seals – fabric-covered foam pads that mount around the loading dock door. When a truck backs up to the door and compresses the pad, an effective seal forms preventing wind, dust, rain or fumes from entering the loading area.
  • Shelters – serve the same purpose as seals, but are more tunnel-like, with flexible curtains that form a seal around the truck.
  • Vehicle Restraints – Vehicle creep. Unscheduled truck departures. Careless parking. It happens at the best of loading docks. A vehicle restraint will stop these mishaps from happening.